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Clarification on use of long poles in Crossroads Indoor League:
Beginning Session 2 (January 2014)

High School Levels:
The use of Long Poles is authorized and encouraged.  Max of 2 on the field at any time.
  • Defensive players at the high school level need to be proficient with the long pole and Crossroads Lax encourages the use of them.  Learning to handle the ball in the tighter confines of a small field will only improve a player’s “handle”.  However, players playing on-ball defense with the long pole should use primarily pokes and lifts instead of slap checks or slashes.  We have made it a point that our referees discourage slashes going forward.
U15 Level:
The use of Long Poles is authorized but discouraged.  Max of 2 on the field at any time.
  • Defensive players at the U15 level can use long poles.  However, Crossroads Lax discourages the use for two main reasons:
    • FIRST- Playing good defense is all about footwork…  And playing on the small field without a long pole will force defensive players to act and react almost constantly on and off ball.  Yes, playing with the long pole will make their job easier, but it will probably not make them better defenders.
    • SECOND- Completing passes and playing offense is hard enough as is on the smaller indoor fields…  Add in a couple long poles and it gets that much tougher.  Removing the long poles will open up the field just a bit more to allow for better ball movement, less turnovers and whistles, and better overall play.
The use of Long Poles are NOT Authorized.
  • We apologize for changing the rules midway through the season but both Greg and I feel very strongly that the use of long poles during our U13 games is having a detrimental effect to  both the level of overall play and (more importantly) the opportunity for individual development.  Please see the reasons listed above in the U15 explanation…
  • Any current U13 player currently playing with a long pole who is unable (or unwilling) to replace their long shaft with a short one (40-42 inches total stick length) should please contact us ASAP ( ).  Otherwise, hopefully those current long pole players can fix their heads onto a short shaft and come out ready to go Sunday.
The use of long poles is NOT Authorized.
  • See above reasoning.