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  1. Each team will participate in 3 - 45 minute games, consisting of 2-20 minute running time halves with a 1 minute halftime.

  2. All rules for MA State high school and modified boys lacrosse apply (except body checking - see #4 below).

  3. Players must play the ball at all times. Any unnecessary roughness or unnecessary body check (at the discretion of the referee) may result in a penalty.  The Friendship Festival showcases lacrosse skills and talents associated with playing the game of lacrosse. We also recognize that this tournament is an out-of-season competition and we wish to keep the safety of all players at the forefront.  Player safety is our top priority.

  4. ​There will be no counts when clearing the ball.

  5. Mercy RuleThe option of either a "Free Clear" or a Face-Off will be determined by the coach of the team losing by 5 or more goals after an opponent's goal and must be determined before the start of the game in conjunction with the officials. All coaches are requested to take appropriate steps to manage the total goals scored by their teams in an overwhelming goal differential situation

  6. Penalties - All technical fouls will be 30 seconds and personal fouls will be 1 minute unless the offense requires more time at the referee's discretion. The referee releases penalized players when their serve time has expired.  Penalty time will be controlled by the official.

  7. Flagrant fouls: 1st offense - expulsion from game; 2nd offense (occurring anytime during tournament after first offense) - expulsion from the game. 2nd expulsion is automatic expulsion from the tournament.  The certified referee will be the sole determinant as the whether a foul is "flagrant" or not.

  8. There are NO permitted TIMEOUTS (with the exception of referee timeouts (injuries).  If both coaches are in agreement and would like to use a timeout to address their teams or in a lopsided situation where it can be helpful to the game environment.

  9. A game ending tied is decided by a BRAVEHEART

  • Begins immediately after regulation time with a face-off.
  • Each team must stay on-sides and the goalie must stay on the defensive side of the field.
  • A flag down will cause a "play-on" situation.  If the ball comes loose during the play-on situation, the whistle is blown and the team called for a penalty takes the 1 goal loss.

RESOLUTION OF PROBLEMS/DISPUTES: The tournament director (in consultation with the game Official) will make all final rulings/decisions on any and all problems or disputes

Bench AreasEach coach is requested to ensure that the bench area is picked up and cleaned after each game. Trash cans are available near each sideline - if a can is full or you need a trash bag, please notify the registration tent or the field coordinator for your field