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Crossroads Indoor Lacrosse League
Scorer's Schedule
last revised: 10/22/15 @ 11:00pm
Sunday November 29, 2015

Field 1
Name Game Times  Division
  11:00pm HS GIRLS
  12:00pm HS GIRLS
  1:00pm HS GIRLS
  2:00pm HS Varsity
  3:00pm HS Varsity
  4:00pm HS Varsity
  5:00pm HS Varsity
  6:00pm HS Varsity


Field 2
Name Game Times  Division
  11:00am HS GIRLS
  12:00pm HS GIRLS
  1:00pm U15
  2:00pm U15
  3:00pm U15
  4:00pm U15
  5:00pm HS Varsity
  6:00pm HS Varsity

Field 3
Name Game Times  Division
  11:00pm U11
  12:00pm U11
  1:00pm U11
  2:00pm U11
Ben Kotce 3:00pm U13
Pat Webb 4:00pm U13
Marshall Garvey 5:00pm U13
Ryan Butler 6:00pm U13

Scorers Responsiblities
  • Scorers are expected to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your first game.
  • Scorers should not have other people "hanging" out with them in the scorer's area.
  • Scorers must clearly document the accurate score of every game indicating the winning and the losing team.
  • Scorer's will work with the officials and director to be sure we have a clean ball at all times.
  • Scorers / officials must be sure that the playing area and perimeter is safe for the players and spectators.