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2019 Crossroads Township League

Playoff Jamboree


1)  All time is kept on a CENTRAL CLOCK.  21 min running halves – 3 min halftime – 5 minutes between games.  

2)  All the same rules as regular season (including counts at U13 and U15).  The only exception will be NO TIME OUTS may be called.

3)  All games need a winner.  If a game ends in a tie score, play will stop at the horn and we will line up QUICKLY for a face off.  Play will continue until a goal is scored to determine a winner.

As soon as a goal is scored, both teams will quickly get off the field and the next game will commence as quickly as possible.  Central time will continue runingn through overtime play.

4)  Referees keep scores and report to scorekeeper at end of every game.